Responsibly Grown. Responsibly Sourced. Responsibly Roasted.

About Us


Blue Spruce Coffee

Blue Spruce Coffee was launched in December of 2018 with the simple goal of providing extremely high quality coffee while supporting the common good up and down the coffee supply chain. We begin by sourcing only socially responsible coffees. The vast majority of our coffees are fair trade and organic certified. Coffees that are not certified have been verified by us to insure premium wages are paid to farmers and sustainable, safe farming methods are being used. After sourcing, we ensure that our coffee is responsibly roasted. We use a low-emission roaster that is extremely thermally efficient to prevent wasting energy. We never use harsh chemicals to clean our machines. Once our coffees arrive in our shop, we strive to prepare our coffees according to the specifications set forth by the Specialty Coffee Association. Once you purchase your coffee, you can feel good about it knowing that 50% of our profits go to New Day Orphanage and 50% go to local charities.